cherri/vin (owen if we're close!!)
15 he/they/xe/nya/ pronouny
pansexual + trans

aries, enfp + 6w5, neodivergent + tourettes + synesthesia

(๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ please switch between my prns and names ty (o´▽`o)

genshin impact, final fantasy vii, xv, danganronpa, your turn to die, ayakashi akashi, 1bitheart, hypmic, sonic, great pretender, bnha, kny, jshk, kemono jihen, ranpa 1/2, beastars

woo! : drawing, coloring editing, writing, glitchcore, 80's/90's music, flowers/plants, frogs, snakes, cats

squicks : self harm, misgendering, loud noises, limbless characters, g0re (depends)

uy :(( : jumpscares, character deaths (especially faves), choking, su!c!de, gr^^ming, s3xuall assault/s3xual abuse

byf + dnfi
kins + ccs

ilysm!! : kaeya, childe /j
lmk if you want to be added here <3

type something here -> cherritz

i keyboard smash a lot, i curse a lot, not spoiler free, i'm rt heavy
if we're not close please use tone indicators when talking to me.

-> i'm fine with talking if you're 20+ just don't be weird!!

please note that i have a habit of changing subjects quickly when conversing!! i try my best to stay on topic!

you fall under the standard dnfi criteria, ship, tolerate or support things such as incest, abuse, and pedophilia, invalidate he/they lesbians and she/they gays, you support bi/pan lesbians, you are anti xenogenders & neopronouns
you are a proshipper, ship kaeluc, aether/lumine with any of the adults


kins ♡( ◡‿◡ )
genshin : aether, kaeya ragnvindr, venti, tartaglia, sucrose, razor, paimon, scaramouche. omori : hero, basil, omori/sunny. ff7 : zack fair, reno sinclair. tbhk : natsuhiko hyuuga, kou minamoto, tsukasa yugi. yttd : shin tsukimi (sou), ranmaru kageyama.
comforts (^▽^)
genshin : kaeya, razor, amber, diluc, venti, xingqiu, fishl, klee, qiqi, childe, zhongli, mona, bennett. omori hero, basil, omori/sunny, aubrey, kel. yttd : keiji shinogi, shin tsukimi, ranmari, joe, gin, kanna.


thank you for reading!!